Aug 15

How to stop spammers on your website totally!

Well this technique is simple and will stop automated bots.. as always though if some one specifically targets your website on its own with specialized code you may still be in trouble.

It is quite simple to stop spammers on your website all you need to do is have a question on registration that is unique.. but eays for humans to understand it doesn’t have to be very complex at all just… how many words are there in….. that how simple it has to be however some spammers uses service with which the program collects registration questions and sends it to a person who answer them manually…… this does cost the spammers a little money each time however making a question that the person manually answering wont know will mean that spammers have no way to automatically get into your site and register……. a simpel question like what is our website name called? stopped my website from all spammers totally! The annoying thing though is that spammer use up the biggest part of your websites bandwidth!!!!!! and who get them there in the first place.. google……. spammers scrape google and even if your on the 20th page they will find and spam you google stupid they wont be giving you any real visitors only spammers unless you are on first page!

Aug 14

Music nowadays all sounds the same

I believe that music seems to all blur into one… with the same message being played on repeat to brainwash us all!

custom insoles are they worth the money?

Custom insoles or not- with such a wide range of choice when buying insoles and the fact that technology really has moved on since the time when people would wear really bad and uncomfortable insoles means that custom insoles really are no longer needed. Instead of non custom insoles being pointless and useless standard that come already in shoes you can now buy a pair that will make everyday life and even sport life far better! With insoles that help stop plantar fasciitis or metatarsal pain too! All for a low cost of course because/.. well there not custom are they! Anyway why custom insoles are now the useless ones or rather the expensive waste of money is quite simple because non custom ones can mold to your foot shape anyway meaning no need for custom ones! Save your money!

How to run faster

Running faster is quite simple really the best strategy is to train often.. eat right and to make sure you wear the right insoles and running shoes……. but it is easier said than done in most cases i find!

Dont make me laugh! Politicains dont represent us!

Do politicians represent us or are they just all manipulative lying people? That what i want to know because to me in the Uk all political party’s just all seem the same and are no different from one to the next…… they all just represent the upper classes…… What reason does a upper class politician who has grown up all his life socializing with the upper classes to then represent the majority of people in the uk who they know nothing about rather than helping out their mates in the upper classes….. Its all plutocracy here in the uk… the rich control politics and have huge influence in the government!

Monopoly cooperation’s donate to various government party’s to help with their election campaign…… politicians have investment in cooperation’s so they try there best to keep the cooperation’s in business and out of trouble…… all politicians are corrupt just about! Correct me if i am wrong!

Cool tumblr is a good blogger thing

Well i have to say that tumblr is a great blogging thing! Im new to tumblr but so far it is beating wordpress in my opinion!

How to grow taller—- insoles i tell ya!

Was searching on the internet a while ago for different ways to make me look taller……. blahaha…..a load of morons basically on the internet telling you to take harmful and illegal pills or people telling you to do stretching exercises for months… good advise but stretching exercises take months and i cannot wait months to be tall.. i wanna be tall now!

WELL NOW I HAVE FOUND SOMETHING THAT WILL HELP ME GROW TALLER… dont laugh because this is actually a really good way!

Has anyone heard of height increasing insoles, Well i recently purchased a pair because i am small you see ..very small and i wanted to look much taller because i am always being laughed at by my height as it not cool being my height you see.. well others seem to say so anyway.. So i wanted something to make me taller but something that could trick idiots into thinking that i was growing taller not just wearing something like elevator shoes to make myself look taller……. anyway what i found was that some height increasing insoles could be adjusted in height using a pair of them i was able to add to my height bit by bit making people believe i was getting taller when in actually fact the morons didn’t know i was just using height insoles! I got my pair here if anyone is interested: nuovahealth.co.uk - height increasing insoles for £11.99 

£1.99 i think is a real bargain to say that they actually make you taller……. people response.. has changed since i started wearing them.. people now (well i think anyway unless iv got this wrong) respect me more and this give me much more confidence i guess too.. so from being really small person im now much taller…. 3 inches actually! and i have far more confidence now !!!

So if your small dont worry… there really is something you can do that doesn’t evolve nasty surgery… pills or stretching exercises either.. dont waste your money or time i say! I say get your self some insoles instead!


Toeloe here! Just created my first tumblr blog! I usually just blog on blogspot but i thought i would give tumblr ago! So hello everyone.